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The Four Arm Fund

The world has changed dramatically over the past few years and will continue to change at a significant pace in the years ahead. We have highlighted the areas above that we intend to embrace and will remain open to the new challenges that the world will have to grapple with.

Global trade, climate change, and the after-effects of the pandemic will forever change how we live and ultimately invest. New opportunities will emerge and old ones will go by the wayside. That’s nothing new; but there has never been a time in history riper for more opportunistic investing and trading than there is now.

Traditional investment styles, such as the barbell approach with bonds as a safety measure, are being challenged by our rapidly changing world. In fact, we have never been in an investment environment with as many current or coming changes.

The Four Arm Fund enables individual investors to gain exposure to areas they may not have had access to or did not have the support to invest in with confidence. It also allows you to simply your investment strategy in one.

We are entering a unique moment in our history; the unknown is full of a wide range of opportunities and outcomes. Those with open minds and the willingness to accept different forms of risk from generations of the past, stand to be rewarded handsomely. The Four Arm fund is ready to embrace these changes and prosper from them.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” – Sun Tzu

Beginning Of Year Update

  January 3rd, 2023   “Never make predictions, especially about the future.” – Casey Stengel   There is a lot to be learned from 2022, as painful as it was for most of us.  The best thing we can collectively do is to try and learn from the signposts and...

December Mid Month Update

“Investors have lost an estimated $22 trillion in equities, bonds, cryptocurrencies and real estate in 2022.” – Bank of America    The lauded 60/40 bond/stock model has had a terrible year – one of the worst on record.  Not coincidentally, it’s the same...

November Update

Here Comes Santa? “Nobody knows nothing” – Jack Vogle, founder of the Vanguard Group For years the macroeconomic landscape has laid waste to economists, strategists, and most importantly, macro hedge funds.  The world’s central banks effectively papered over any...

October Update

  It’s hard to think of a month more depressing than the one we just went through.  Sentiment is at laughable extremes of bearishness.  The mood amongst traders and investors is downright apocalyptic.  And the price action in just about every asset on the planet...

Rate Of Pain

September 16th, 2022 Rate of pain In our August update, we mentioned how September would be a month to focus more on the macro and wait for the micro in October when the earnings season ramps up for the last time in 2022.  Central Bank rate hikes are what are in style...

Controlled Chaos

The summer is now over, kids are back in school, and the beach clubs are starting to take down the umbrellas. And what a summer it has been! Just 7 weeks ago the mood in the markets was downright apocalyptic. Stocks were meandering near their lows after a historically...

And in this corner… 

Well, the stage is set. The participants have been selected and the battle is officially on. It’s the  Fed versus market participants now. What are the reasons for battle you ask? The Fed is hell bent now on raising rates, they are sending out various Fed Governors to...

Peak Dread?

On July 15th we sent out a “mid-month note” highlighting some of the potential positives that in our mind at least are being discounted, ignored, or underreported. This makes sense, though, the first half of 2022 has been as brutal as it gets for investors or savers,...

Middle Of July Update

Seasonal statistics show that the first two weeks of July tend to be bullish and that after a soft first half of the year, the second half, statistically speaking, leans towards being bullish as well.   Well, this is 2022 so a 0.74% gain in the S&P 500 index will...

Back Nine Begins

50% of 2022 is now officially in the books and we reckon that the vast majority of investors, particularly those with traditional IRA’s or 401ks, would rather not spend much time reflecting on it. We aren’t going to spill a lot of ink on just how bad 2022 has been...

What Is The Four Arm Fund?

The fund is designed as a four-pronged approach to increase our exposure to both traditional markets and new emerging trends. We plan on taking advantage of the macro changes that are here and plan to continue to evolve with such changes in the immediate future.

Our objective is to provide a straightforward four-tiered fund that encapsulates four completely different sectors. This will enable investors to simplify their investment strategy while also gaining exposure to areas they may not have had access to in the past or were too intimidated to experiment with. The Four Arm Fund changes all that.

Specifically, it’s imperative to mine all the new possibilities in such areas as commodities and crypto currencies. We will also maintain traditional equity exposure using modern strategies to maximize gains and diversify in the face of risk. The fund is designed to incorporate the following tactics and place them under one umbrella to achieve these goals.

Commodity trading has seen a resurgence with the re-opening of the economy, the supply-chain issues, the threat of inflation due to reckless monetary policy, and the continuous disruption attributed to climate change. We firmly believe this sector will continue to flourish and provide ample opportunities for our benefit in the years to come.

Crypto currencies, despite all the controversy, are here to stay in some form or another. Gaining exposure to this space is essential to embracing the future and helping further diversify a portfolio.

A small portion of the fund will allocate resources to certain private equity placements. Being centered in the Bay Area gives us unique exposure to an abundance of opportunities in the private space, which we feel are too significant to ignore, especially if they could lead to sizeable gains over time. This possibility, however, will receive the smallest weighting in the fund because of illiquidity, lock-up issues, and the fact that it represents the highest level of risk-reward among the four stated arms.

Equity investing will continue to be the mainstay of the fund. We employ various time frames and strategies, mainly using option spreads and proprietary alert software programs.

A portion of the equity division will be allocated toward identifying and capitalizing on longer-term trends such as water scarcity, electric vehicles, and fintech.

Currently accepting accredited investors.

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Employing various time frames and approaches, including option spreads and algorithmic signals to maximize returns and mitigate risk. A portion of the equity arm will be devoted to the longerterm trends mentioned above.



Seeks to actively trade various commodity, currency, and rate markets using futures only. Time frames will vary but we will lean toward shorter ones.



Seeks to invest in a portfolio of crypto currencies and use futures not only to leverage gains but also as a hedge against downside risk. This arm will be exclusively token based.



Seeks to invest in private, early-stage companies, mainly located in the Bay Area. This arm of the fund will have the lowest weighting of the four arms and will only participate in highly selective opportunities

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